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"Helping Children...One Package at a Time"


Volunteers' Perspectives:


"It would be so much easier to go to a store, purchase some games, wrap them up and send them to the sick children.  That, however, would defeat half the purpose of this program.  Healthy school children tend to get caught up in their own daily routines and lives, where the worst part of their day is not scoring a run during recess.  By exposing them to children who have real problems, we teach them to appreciate what they have and develop in them a sensitivity toward helping others.  If we inculcate in them a sensitivity toward doing chesed while they are young, and give them the opportunity to experience the satisfaction that comes from doing chesed for others, they will grow to be true baalei chesed."


"Working on this project has provided me with some of the most bittersweet experiences.  Hearing about so many Yiddeshe children who are sick, is difficult.  But the smiles on the faces of the sick children when we deliver the packages, and the enthusiasm to do this chesed on the part of the school children, tell us that we must continue our work."

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