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"Helping Children...One Package at a Time"


Our Mission:



The concept of the program is to provide sudents in various schools an opportunity to do chesed for other children who are in need, by creating and sending them ' We Care'  packages.  The items in the ' We Care' packages are designed to provide hours of entertainment and activities for a sick and/ or hospitalized child.  Packages are also sent, on occasion, to siblings of a sick child who tend to get somewhat lost in the shuffle.

A two-fold mission:

The ' We Care' Packages are intended to relieve some of the boredom experienced by the sick children who are receiving them.  The packages also help prevent feelings of isolation by letting them know that other children are thinking about them in their time of need.


The second component of this program is the benefit to the children who are involved in the creation and delivery of the packages.  Our  program lets kids know that chesed is not just for adults and that they truly have the ability to make a difference in the life of a sick child.



Mitch & Lita Aeder David & Rochelle Graubard
Ari & Iona Bergmann Michael & Barbara Salzbank
Steven & Suri Brody Ronnie & Miriam Schlanger
Ruby & Mindy Ginsberg Doniel & Lisa Steinberg
Michael & Rena Goldman Chaim & Chana Wasserman

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