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"Helping Children...One Package at a Time"


Bas Mitzvah Parties:

Running a 'ZCB' program at a Bas Mitzvah is a great way to enhance your simcha.  By taking out some time during a personal simcha and devoting it to those who are in need of chesed (kindness),  we demonstrate our sensitivity towards helping others.  We also show our children that chesed is a priority in our lives.  It is our hope that this message we convey to our children will last a lifetime.  Please take the time to read some of the responses from parents who have had a ZCB program run at their daughter's Bas Mitzvah party.

~Bas Mitzvah Responses~


If you wish to incorporate a 'ZCB' chesed theme into your Bas Mitzvah celebration, simply click on the "Packages" link below to view the different projects that make up a 'We Care' package.  Choose two or three projects that  you would like to create at your event and let us know your items of choice, date of event and how many children will be participating.    We will put together all of the necessary supplies for you including instructions on how to create the projects and a speech to read explaining the concept of this chesed program.  The speech contains stories of children who have received a ZCB  package and clearly lets the participants of your event know that this is not simply another 'arts and crafts'  activity.  It is important to us that the children realize that they are able to help and make a difference in the life of a child who is less fortunate.  We will also provide you with a full ' We Care Package'  which is used as a demonstration of how all of the individual projects are presented to a sick child.

Keep in mind that we require at least 2-4 weeks  prior notice to prepare a ZCB program  for your Bas Mitzvah celebration. 

Please contact  us  for more information and/or to reserve a project for your child's Bas Mitzvah celebration.  Be sure to include your phone number, the date of the event, the number of children participating and 2 or 3  projects of your choice.

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